Friday, September 9, 2016

month eight

Energetic. Intense. Giggly. Happy. Tough.
Eight months, sweet boy, how can it be? I think this picture captures your personality perfectly. You are so excited and happy because your three biggest cheerleaders are trying to make you smile in the distance. You are so energetic. Those hands and feet are constantly on the move. As soon as this picture was taken, you were trying to crawl off the bed. You are still intense. Since day one, you have been set in your ways. You have the best giggles and can't stop once you get started. You are so happy and love to smile. All. The. Time. You are tough. You get knocked around and bumped a lot while sister is playing with you. You just roll with it. We are so thankful for the joy you bring our family. 

At eight months,
you weigh 19 pounds
you measure 29 inches
you have four teeth
you sleep 10 hours at night
you love to eat
you are constantly moving

To compare our babies at eight months, follow this link:

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  1. Love this sweet boy so much! Can't believe how quickly he is growing and changing!